The Idea that changed it all:

It all started with us.

Each one of us, founders, wanted a “Under One Roof" kind of financial planner, an expert who could manage our finances and give us a screen-shot of our financial status, at any given point of time. We also wished for a financial statement that is clutter free, easy to understand, and suited our requirements.

Just to get our financial statement, we had to go through a laborious routine - compiling various statements, speaking to multiple RM’s, feeding data into excel, all that after a long hard day at work. We are probably addressing every one's financial distress. What's more, we had to go through the same routine again if we need the statement the next time.

We wanted to change this process.

We spent months in the market searching for such financial tools or packages. We even tried to seek out a CA/ IFA, who can give us what we wanted. We soon realized that there wasn't any such solution available. Though there are financial plans and professionals, but they did not match our requirement. The Financial plans were either restricted to one or two instruments or they are too cumbersome to follow and understand.

We undertook to do a dry run to see the scope of having "Your Own Financial Planner". The results were amazing... the need for such a planner was immense.

Hence the idea !!!

Our credentials:

We have more than 15 years of experience in the financial markets, the know-how and proficiency in most of the financial products and asset classes. Having worked with some of the leading financial firms, building their assets and protecting their securities, has given us the skill that is our bedrock today. And that is also the foundation of our entrepreneurial spirit.

With this conviction, experience and market potency, we have developed a dashboard, which is built on an online dynamic web based platform. As we understand that each client’s financial need would be better served with personal attention, this portal will be supported with an offline Tele Assist Financial Planner team.

Why MoneyFrog?

We brainstormed on various names for the online financial platform which would be unique, conveyed the purpose, and set a trend in the market.

MoneyFrog conveyed it all. It conveyed Wealth, Prosperity and Protection.

MoneyFrog is a popular Chinese Feng Shui charm for Prosperity & Wealth. This mythical creature is said to appear during the full moon, near houses or businesses that will soon receive good news. Almost always, the nature of this good news is understood to be wealth-related.

According to Feng Shui beliefs, MoneyFrog attracts and protects wealth and guards against bad luck.

Our Team

Manoj is the founder of, one of the emerging start-up companies in the field of financial planning. Idea behind this venture stems from his own requirement of having a financial planner, who can manage & advice on his entire investments & life goals.

With 15 years of corporate experience & expertise in financial markets, he couldn’t find a single entity, who could fulfil his dream or requirement of 360 degree financial planning? Hence, this Idea & venture!

With his personal savings as seed capital & people he knows in the industry, he ventured to build this company, where technology will play key role & will take precedence over human control.

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture with, Manoj has had corporate stints with Kotak Securities Ltd. (part of Kotak Mahindra Bank), IIFL & Philips India Ltd. He holds an MBA (PGDM) degree from Symbiosis (SIMS) Pune. His interests include birding, swimming, & adventure activities.

Mushtaq is the co-founder of He has worked along with Manoj throughout his corporate career. He is a hard core workaholic & ensures 100% execution of tasks assigned. He is instrumental & key player in designing & working of portal & advisory desk.

Mushtaq has had corporate stints with Kotak Securities Ltd & IIFL. He holds an MBA degree from Pune University. His interests include cooking, gardening & photography.