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What We Offer

Access To Human Experts

Our Experts, who are trained & qualified, are available 24/7 thru various mediums; i.e. Phone, Video-chat, Message-board, & Emails, to help you in your investments, analysis & execution; at your time-zone & convenience.

Online Mutual Funds Execution

Plan, track, invest (including SIP/ STP/ SWP), or redeem Mutual Funds; at your convenience thru our online execution platform (web & mobile), designed & developed by us.

Taxation & Other Services

We offer many other services, like Tax advisory & filing, Equity broking, Insurance, as per your need & requirements.


Frequently asked questions!

How can NRI invest in Mutual Funds?

All NRI’s (other than from USA/Canada), can invest in most of the Mutual fund schemes, available in the market. NRI from USA/Canada are also allowed, but in selective Mutual Fund schemes, due to different compliance requirement of USA/ Canada regulators. To invest in Mutual Funds, investor must first complete the KYC (know your client) documentation, as per SEBI guideline, which involves copy & details of; 
a)Overseas address proof
b)Pan card proof
c)Merchant Navy employee - copy of CDC proof


How to shortlist Mutual Funds?

Shortlisting a Mutual Fund for NRI is very similar to a resident, especially if NRI is not from USA/Canada. For NRI from USA/Canada, the basket of fund is limited, and one has to cherry pick funds from what is available. It’s always recommended to consult (speak/ video-chat) with an advisor to shortlist funds, based on your preference, risk, charges & various other parameters. Regular reviews with your advisors, will give you the extra comfort & confidence, due to ever changing equity markets.


Can NRI repatriate redeemption?

If the investment is made from a NRE Account, and during the redemption phase the investor is still an NRI, then one can take the credit back to the NRE account. Redemption proceeds (after deduction of taxes) are paid in rupees by cheque to the account number provided. Some banks also offer direct credit of redemption proceeds to the NRE/NRO account. Investments made via a NRO account, can’t be redeemed in NRE account. The investments carry the right of repatriation of capital invested and capital appreciation, only till the investor remains an NRI.


What are the tax applicability for NRI?

TDS is deducted at source on the redemption proceeds for any short-term gain. A TDS certificate is also issued digitally for every redemption made by the respective Mutual Fund Company. Short-term Investments in Debt Fund are taxed as per slab rates, whereas in Equity funds it’s at flat 15% p.a. currently. The definition of a short-term fund is holding it for less than 3 years for debt fund, and 1 year for equity and balanced funds (equity oriented).

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At Moneyfrog, we help you shortlist the best performing mutual funds from 10k+ schemes available in the market, offered by 40+ Mutual Fund companies.

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Products Offered Mutual Funds, Equity, PMS & other HNI Products.Mutual Fund Dynamic SIP. Pre-defined portfolios with clear bias.
Hybrid model Online as well as personalised services. Only online. DIY (do it yourself platforms)
Taxation Tax Filing Services. Only online. DIY (do it yourself platforms)
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