Running and operating a business-associate is an exciting opportunity designed for outstanding individuals. This innovative franchising program pairs the strength of experienced driven and service-oriented financial services professionals, with the powerful reputation and investor-first philosophy of

If you identify with the following attributes, you may be an ideal person for this unique opportunity.

Professional experience:

  • 3+ years in financial services, including experience as a financial advisor
  • Established reputation, credibility, and strong network of contacts in your community
  • The following professional licenses (currently hold or are able to successfully obtain within defined time frames):
    • Mutual Fund: AMFI certification
    • Insurance: IRDA certification
    • Stock Broking: AP registration

Growing a business:

  • A proven track record for client acquisition and development
  • A skill for developing relationships and
    proactively engaging with members of your community
  • The desire to scale your business significantly over the long term

Our role:

  • Become the trusted face—and voice—of, in your community
  • Serve as the “trusted advisor,” guiding clients to appropriate resources and advice
  • Seize the opportunity to focus on developing and growing client relationships as a wealth manager

Targeted markets:

  • Interest in establishing a business-associate in your community that’s not currently served by a business-associate
  • Target community has a large number of
    affluent households
  • Strong connection to your community,
    enabling you to identify and capitalize on
    existing networks and relationships within the market

Cultivating relationships:

  • Ability to see through the client’s eyes and have an appreciation for the aspirations and motivations underlying their financial goals
  • Strong desire for one-on-one client
    development and personal service
  • Passion for helping individuals “leap of abundance” in line with Moneyfrog’s investor-first philosophy

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